> 11 April 2022

Festival “Aux quatre coins du mot”

The festival ” Aux quatre coins du mot ” will take place from June 24th to 27th in La Charité-sur-Loire, in the Nièvre region. The meeting is dedicated to Blaise Cendrars by the organisers. Among the many and varied interventions:

– the screening of Éclats de Cendrars, the documentary by Thomas Gilou

– the show Braises et cendres, with Charly Nelson

– the presence of Patrick Deville, a great admirer of the poet, who will present Amazonia, his latest novel, and whom Claude Leroy will meet during a round table


Show “Cendrars, fugues et inventions

The show “Cendrars, fugues et inventions” will be performed again by the Tangora Trio:

– 6 July 2021, Poésie en arrosoir festival, Cernier (NE) / Info and booking

23, 24 and 26 September 2021, Espace culturel des Terreaux, Lausanne (VD) / Information and booking


Frédéric Jacques Temple : two books

Publication of two books: Vivre d’abord – Miscellanées pour Frédéric Jacques Temple, published by Méridianes, and the re-edition of Sur mon cheval, with an afterword by Claude Leroy, published by Domens.


In memoriam Adrien Roig

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of Adrien Roig, who passed away on 19 May 2021 in his ninety-seventh year.

He was the first to set out on the road to Morro Azul. A great reader of Blaise Cendrars, he had joined the poet’s friends very early on. For a long time a professor at the Paul-Valéry University in Montpellier III, he directed the Centre de recherche en littérature de langue portugaise and Quadrant, his annual review, which he founded in 1986.

His predilection for Cendrars’ Brazil has resulted in nearly twenty contributions to Quadrant, Feuille de routes, Continent Cendrars, the Cendrars series published by Minard and the proceedings of colloquia. They are joined by two collections, Blaise Cendrars, o Aleijadinho e o modernismo brasileiro (Rio de Janeiro, 1984) and Blaise Cendrars et le Brésil (Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian, 1988).

Friends of Cendrars will miss the dynamic and warm presence of Adrien Roig, a great and precious ferryman of the poet between the two sides of the Atlantic.

Claude Leroy, 21 May 2021.



Publication of Brás, Bexiga and Barra Funda (Information from São Paulo) by António de Alcântara Machado. Like his friends Oswald de Andrade and Mário de Andrade, better known in France, he remains today a classic of Brazilian modernism.

Unpublished in French. Critical edition and pseudo-fac-simile. Translation from Portuguese (Brazil), supplements, notes, bibliography and afterword by Antoine Chareyre.


Video AVE

The Association vaudoise des écrivains has produced a video on Blaise Cendrars, with a reading of L’Or by Roland Vouilloz and drawings by Marie-José Imsand.


Launch of the Blaise Cendrars Prize

We are pleased to announce the national Blaise Cendrars Prize organised in the city of Vannes by “Les Jeux poétiques” and “Libévasion Prisons de France”. The first theme proposed for this poetry competition, which is primarily aimed at young people, is “Windows”.


Foreign literature – “Switzerland: yesterday, today”

The Russian magazine Foreign Literature is devoting an issue to the literature of Switzerland, in three languages. Anne Perrier, Vahé Godel and Nicolas Bouvier are presented, as well as a chapter from Bourlinguer, “Anvers”, by Cendrars.


Poets of the Great War. Combat experience and poetic activity

New edition of Laurence Campa’s essay Poets of the Great War. Combat experience and poetic activity, which examines the interactions between combat experience and poetic activity, drawing on a rich corpus, from Apollinaire to Jean Le Roy.


Publication AIEF booklet

The proceedings of the Cendrars Day of July 2019 at the Sorbonne were published in May in n°72 of the “Cahiers de l’Association Internationale des Études françaises”. The volume is distributed by Les Belles Lettres. Review the full programme of this day


 “At the end of the worlds. Texts by Blaise Cendrars”.

The Compagnie de l’Étoile presents “Au bout des mondes. Texts by Blaise Cendrars” at the Théo Théâtre from 23 to 27 September.


Reading-concert ” La Prose du transsibérien”

On Friday 11 September, at the Théâtre du Temple in Saillans, Marc Lauras offers a reading-concert of “La Prose du transsibérien”.


Constellation Cendrars n°4

The fourth issue of the Constellation Cendrars association magazine will be published on 7 October. If you are not a member of one of the associations, you can order the volume with this order form.


Death of Frédéric Jacques Temple

Dear friends,

Frédéric Jacques Temple passed away on the morning of Wednesday 5 August. He was going to be ninety-nine years old, but his health had gradually worsened in recent weeks. He passed away with his family in his house in Aujargues, in the Gard.

The poet of La Chasse infinie, as we all know, had been a friend of Blaise Cendrars who had encouraged his early work. And the younger man never ceased to pay tribute to the memory and the work of the elder, whom he admired as one of the beacons of modern poetry.

For a long time Temple had become, even more than a privileged witness, the friend of Cendrars’ friends. It is a great loss for all those who met him in the vicinity of the AIBC and the CEBC, which he frequented assiduously. But his books and his voice remain with us.

Frédéric Jacques Temple had made an important contribution to issue no. 4 of Constellation Cendrars which it seemed natural to dedicate to him.

To Brigitte, his wife, and to all his family, the friends of Cendrars present their most heartfelt condolences and assure them of their deepest friendship,

Claude Leroy


Roman 20-50, special edition

Publication of a special issue of the journal Roman 20-50 on L’Homme foudroyé, which is on the syllabus for the agrégation this year. The volume can be ordered and all articles are available online


Journal Blaise Cendrars on the “Assemblée invisible” blog

The Am Stram Gram Theatre in Geneva has opened a blog to keep a space, in this time of confinement, for all those ideas, feelings, dreams, memories, aesthetic emotions that proliferate under our noses day and night, summer and winter. A page of the sound journal is dedicated to Cendrars.


Conference “Black tales for white children”

As part of the conference “Le conte d’artiste fin XIXe – XXIe siècle” organised by the University of Lille on 5 and 6 March 2020, Thierry Charnay will present a talk on the theme: “Faire conte: ” Contes nègres pour enfants blancs ” by Blaise Cendrars. More information on the Fabula website


Show ” J’ai saigné ” (I bled)

From 15 to 17 April, Jean-Yves Ruf adapts J’ai saigné to the stage. The play can be seen at the Espace des arts, in Chalon-sur-Saône, France. More information


Show “Petits contes nègre pour les enfants des blancs” (Little black tales for white people’s children)

As part of the “Reflet des cinémas africains” festival from 13 March to 24 March, Jean-Luc Bansard is staging a production of “Petits contes nègre pour les enfants des blancs” at the “Théâtre du tiroir” in Laval.


Conference by J.-C. Flückiger “The writer and his publishers”

As part of the seminar “The writer and his publishers”, Jean-Carlo Flückiger will discuss the links between Cendrars and Doisneau. The conference, entitled “Cendrars et Doisneau vont en banlieue” (Cendrars and Doisneau go to the suburbs) will take place on 27 March from 4 to 6 pm in the Salle Mariette at the INHA in Paris. Consult the programme of the seminar


Show ” Si je t’écris ” (If I write to you)

The café-théâtre “Les rendez-vous d’ailleurs” is organising an evening entitled “Si je t’écris” on 1 March at 8 pm. Isabelle Bonnadier will talk about men, including Cendrars, and women who wrote to each other in real or imaginary letters. Discover


General Assembly of the AIBC

The general assembly of the AIBC will take place on Friday 27 March at 6 pm, after the conference by Jean-Carlo Flückiger.


“Blaise Cendrars, the travelling legend”

On Tuesday 18 February 2020, at the Théâtre du Gymnase (Paris), a literary and musical evening will take place: “Blaise Cendrars, la légende bourlingueuse”. An evocation of Blaise Cendrars through short texts written and read by the writer Patrice Delbourg.


Seminar “The writer and his publishers”

As part of the seminar “The writer and his publishers”, Jehanne Denogent (University of Lausanne) will talk about “Cendrars and Louis Brun (Grasset): international strategies” at the INHA, salle Benjamin, rue Vivienne, in Paris. Friday 7 February, from 5 to 7 pm.


Seminar “The writer and his publishers”

On Friday 17 January, Bastien Mouchet will talk about the editorial trajectory of L’Homme foudroyé during a session of the seminar “The writer and his publishers”.



Kitty Maryatt has re-created The Trans-Siberian Railway, with stenciled illustrations and handmade typography. This work is exhibited alongside the work of twenty-two bookbinder-artists, inspired by the techniques used for the first simultaneous book. Discover the project


CEBC Plenary Assembly

16 November 2019

The CEBC Plenary Assembly takes place on Saturday 16 November in Bern


Cahier André Beucler

The seventh issue of the “Cahier André Beucler” is devoted to the writer’s “Portraits and literary friendships”, including that of Blaise Cendrars, by Emilien Sermier.


“Ember and Ash”

Charlie Nelson’s show “Braise et Cendre” will be performed again on 28 November at the Centre Culturel “Les 3 Pierrots” in Saint-Cloud.


Atlande “L’Homme foudroyé”

The Atlande volume devoted to “L’Homme foudroyé”, by Claude Leroy and Sylvain Dournel, will be published on 20 November.


Publication of the study day “L’Homme foudroyé

7 papers from the SELF XX-XXI study day, devoted to “L’Homme foudroyé” are online. More information


My World” exhibition

The exhibition “Mon univers” in Zürich presents a fine selection of objects from Le Corbusier’s private collection. It offers a reflection on the relationship between the architect and the so-called “primitive arts”. The preoccupations of Le Corbusier and his Parisian circle in the 1920s were bound to resonate with those of Cendrars at the same time.

The exhibition in the “Le Corbusier Pavilion” in Zurich is open to the public until 17 November 2019. Exhibition curators: Christian Brändle and Arthur Rüegg


“Blaise Cendrars. A man on the move”.

A key, almost mythical figure of modern poetry is brought to life in this now-released biography in which facts are distinguished from legend. The Blaise Cendrars archives, testimonies and the most recent research allow Christine Le Quellec Cottier to narrate a fascinating and reliable career. And here we are gripped by the rhythm that characterises the work as much as the man. The spirit of rupture and the need for renewal go beyond the images of the bourlingue, and explain why this contemporary classic continues to seduce the younger generations.


Publication of the volume Agrégation, Ellipses

The volume Agrégation 2020, published by Ellipses, has just been published. Jehanne Denogent offers a 60-page chapter devoted to L’Homme foudroyé.


“L’Homme foudroyé ” Gallimard, folio

Publication of the new edition of L’Homme foudroyé for the Agrégation exam

A revised edition of L’Homme foudroyé has been published by Gallimard in the “folio” collection, annotated and prefaced by Claude Leroy. It will accompany students preparing for the Agrégation exam in 2020.


Constellation Cendrars n°3

The third issue of the CEBC and AIBC review reports on Cendrars’ current events, offers a new radio broadcast and a dossier on “Primitivism” in literature and cinema, with articles devoted to Cendrars, Carl Einstein, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, Ernest Ansermet and Charles-Albert Cingria.


Blaise Cendrars’ L’Homme foudroyé

Journée d’agrégation de la Self XX-XXI co-organised by Marie-Paule Berranger (Université Sorbonne nouvelle) and Myriam Boucharenc (Université Paris-Nanterre).


Cendrars and his publishers

The next session of the seminar “The writer and his publishers” will take place on Friday 18 October, from 4 to 6 pm. Fabien Dubosson (Swiss National Library, Bern) will talk about ‘Cendrars and the post-war youth (1945-1955). Stratégies de rapprochement et influences à distance” at the INHA, salle Mariette 2, rue Vivienne, in Paris.


AIEF Congress

A day was devoted to the work of Blaise Cendrars during the 71st congress of the AIEF (Association Internationale des Études Françaises).


“Maximilien Vox, la plume et le masque”, Conference by M.-P. Berranger

The Constellation Cendrars seminar devoted to ‘The writer and his publishers’ will hold its fifth session with Marie-Paule Berranger’s lecture ‘Maximilien Vox, la plume et le masque. Study of the correspondence with Blaise Cendrars’.


Publication of the dossier “Cendrars in correspondence”.

The online journal “Komodo 21” of the University of Montpellier offers a series of articles on the correspondence of Blaise Cendrars. The dossier “Cendrars en correspondance”, is directed by Marie-Paule Berranger.


Ember and Ashes

At the Théâtre du Lucernaire in Paris, until 9 March, director Jacques Nichet presents “Braise et Cendres”, a show based on the life, lived or dreamed, of Blaise Cendrars. Charlie Nelson, alone on stage, gives voice to the glibness of a brotherly man, his vivacity and power of imagination in the face of the uncertainties of a violent world.


Show “Cendrars, fugues et inventions

“Cendrars, fugues et inventions” is a musical show by the Tangora Trio, presented at the Théâtre des Trois-Quarts in Vevey, from 18 to 27 January. To know more about it

!! As the show is sold out every night, two additional performances are organised at the Théâtre de l’Oxymore in Cully, on 16 and 17 February!


“Blaise Cendrars éditeur” – Conference by Claude Leroy

As part of the seminar “Constellation Cendrars. The writer and his publishers”, Claude Leroy gives a lecture entitled “Blaise Cendrars éditeur”.


Three days with Blaise Cendrars

From 13 to 15 October, the Bibliothèque du Centre Pompidou offers writing workshops on Cendrars’ work, as well as three evenings of meetings and readings with Oulipo writers.



The website of the SNSF research project Primitivism in the literary avant-garde (1898-1924), with which Blaise Cendrars is associated, is online. You can consult it by following this link


Delaunay Robert and the City of Light

From 31 August to 18 November at the Kunsthaus Zurich, the exhibition “Delaunay Robert and the City of Light” pays tribute to the painter and offers a workshop on the collaboration between Sonia Delaunay and Blaise Cendrars.


Léger à la lettre

The exhibition Léger à la lettre… explores Fernand Léger’s relationship with writers and poets from 16 June to 21 October at the Richard-Anacréon Museum of Modern Art in Granville.


Zinoview-Cendrars” exhibition

From 15 June 2018 to 6 January 2019, the Foreign Legion Museum in Aubagne presents an exhibition dedicated to the painter Alexandre Zinoview and the writer Blaise Cendrars, both of whom served in the Legion during the First World War.

The exhibition catalogue “Zinoview – Cendrars” was published in June by Somogy.

Read more…


“Blaise Cendrars between Switzerland, France and Africa

A study day is organised at the University of Verona on the work of Blaise Cendrars, under the title “Blaise Cendrars between Switzerland, France and Africa”.


“All primitive!” – Inaugural evening of a new FNRS-UNIL project integrating the work of Blaise Cendrars: “Primitivism in the literary avant-gardes. Paris 1898- 1924”.

Let us be African, crazy, children, primitive, acrobats or even Breton! Let us draw on the sources of energy to transform poetry! In the cosmopolitan Paris of the early 20th century, poets became wild, barbaric, archaic, and liberated verse through what they considered the virtues of primitivism.

Weary of fixed conventions, the literary avant-garde appropriated marginal and unconventional expressions: African or Oceanic productions, the art of children or “madmen”, popular shows, the music hall, the circus, folklore and even the nascent cinema. If Picasso’s or Derain’s interest in “negro art” is now well known, primitivism in the literary avant-garde has yet to be explored. This is what this evening proposes, in a setting entirely devoted to African art, in conjunction with the Lausanne research centre. In addition to a general presentation of the project, the reading of a selection of poems will take the pulse of a raw and disturbing energy, fundamentally “primitive” and articulated with reflections on the artistic and literary trends of this period.

Presentation by Antonio Rodriguez and Christine Le Quellec Cottier, Jehanne Denogent and Nadejda Magnenat.

Reading by the Cie Poésie en Arrosoir (Vincent Held and Garance La Fata) with texts by Guillaume Apollinaire, Blaise Cendrars, Jean Cocteau, Max Jacob, Philippe Soupault and Tristan Tzara.

Espace Held

Rue de Bassenges 33

1024 Écublens


Four programmes “In the company of authors” dedicated to Blaise Cendrars

Four programmes by Matthieu Garrigou-Lagrange dedicated to Blaise Cendrars in “En compagnie des auteurs” on France Culture, with Giselle Bienne, Myriam Boucharenc, Patrick Delbourg, Claude Leroy.

Listen to the podcast here


Catalogues of dreams, dreams of catalogues

Study day organised by the ANR LITTéPUB, the CEBC and the SNL (Dürrenmatt Room, Swiss National Library – Hallwylstrasse 15, Bern)

This day, organised in conjunction with the ANR LittéPub directed by Myriam Boucharenc, is devoted to the unlikely yet rich and diverse links between literature and trade catalogues; it precedes the CEBC plenary session.



Opening of the exhibition “Blaise Cendrars and Sonia Delaunay ǀ La Prose du Transsibérien”.

The exhibition Blaise Cendrars and Sonia Delaunay | La Prose du Transsibérien brings together a unique collection of archival documents and works, including three copies of the Prose, to tell the story of this “first simultaneous book” with its solar character, which has become iconic. From the genesis of the artist’s book to its complex production process, to its reception, between polemics and radiant posterity, the kaleidoscope of a revolutionary artistic path is revealed.

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