This page is associated with the feature on “Cendrars in music” in the fifth issue of Constellation Cendrars. It shows the enduring nature of the work through the music, trumpeted with “Music kiss me” as early as 1916. It continues to evolve with rediscoveries and new interpretations. If other titles come to your mind, please contact us at.


1918 – Louis Durey, « Tribute to Erik Satie », “Music with plant ears”: poem by Blaise Cendrars, “Le Musickissme”. Performed by François Le Roux (baritone) and Graham Johnson (piano), on the album Songs by Louis Durey, 2000.


1922 – Arthur Honegger, « Easter in New York, three fragments”: chamber music for contralto voice and string quartet, first performed in New York on 24 January 1922.


1923 – Arthur Honegger, “Pacific 231” or “Symphonic movement no 1”: music composed for the film La Roue by Abel Gance. Performed by the Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France, 2019.


1923 – Darius Milhaud, « The Creation of the World »: composition for small orchestra, Op. 81, performed by the Orchestre des Champs Élysées, 2005.


1932 – Darius Milhaud, Two poems by Cendrars: composition for vocal quartet or mixed choir, Op. 113. Poems taken from the « Anthologie nègre », namely “The Dance of Animals” and “The Song of Death”.


1949 – Darius Milhaud, « The End of the World »: radio adaptation after Blaise Cendrars, op. 297.


1975 – Vicky Messica and Jean-Pierre Limborg, « Prose of the Transsiberian » and « Easter in New York »: two performances on the album « The Transsiberian ».

Prose :



1976 – Bruce Cockburn, “Vagabondage”: song on the album « In the Falling Dark », which takes some of Cendrars’ verses and transforms them.


1976 – Jacques Probst, « Prose of the Transsiberian »: performed at the Nouveau Théâtre de Poche, Geneva. Repeated with various groups to this day.


1979 – Denis Demoulin, Denis Demoulin sings Blaise Cendrars: ten interpretations of texts by Cendrars.


1983 – Steve Lacy, “Prospectus”: title track from the album Prospectus, a musical setting of the poem “Prospectus” by Cendrars.
1986 – Nicole Lachartre and Michel Philippot: quintet for string quartet and piano. « Voyages in memory of Blaise Cendrars ». Dedicated to Nicole Lachartre.
1986 – Henri Sauguet, ” Music for Cendrars “: lyrics composed from titles of works by Cendrars.
1986 – Michel Decoust, ” Five melodies “: compositions for soprano and piano based on five texts by Cendrars.
1988 – Bernard Lavilliers, “Tu es plus belle que le ciel et la mer” (You’re more beautiful than the sky and the sea): performed on the album « If ». in 1988 and the album La Marge, 2003.
1993 – André Duchesne and Loco Motive, «East-east Song (for Blaise Cendrars) » : song on the album « Locomotive ».
1997 – JJoël Musy, « Prose of the Transsiberian »: musical interpretation with Frédéric Deshusses (reader), Nicolas Masson (tenor sax), Nicolas Meyer (drums), Joël Musy (baritone sax), Martin Wizard (soprano sax), Geneva, “Sud des Alpes”, 3 May 1997.
2003 – Frédéric Pagès, « On the road to Brazil »: a literary concert featuring poems set to song (Hugo, Rimbaud, Valéry, Toulet, Audiberti, Louÿs, Cendrars, Césaire).
2003 – Garett List, « In the heart of the world »: cantata written for three soloists (soprano, mezzo-soprano and jazz singer) and an orchestra – the Garrett List Ensemble – featuring ten instrumentalists: two violins, viola, cello, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano and bass guitar.
2003 – « The Acoustic polish », Poems and songs by Cendrars: twenty tracks inspired by texts by Cendrars.
2008 – Ekoué, « Easter in New York »: featured on the compilation “Itinerary of an immigrant son of an immigrant”. With music by El Khalif.
2008 – Guga Stroeter, “Ilhas (for Blaise Cendrars)”: track from the album « Neguinho ». VMBTTgPjobmvI
2008 – Ben’Bop (A. Samuel, M. Seek, P. K. Sidibé, V. Stora), ” Child Soldier “: piece sung in Wolof with excerpts in French from the second chapter of “I have bled”, “The Death of the little shepherd”, text published in « The Dangerous Life », 1938.
2009 – Emily Loizeau, “The heart of a Giant”: song from the album “Wild Country”, written as a tribute to Cendrars.
2011 – Xavier Simonin and Jean-Jacques Milteau, « The Gold »: Theatrical and musical creation at the Théâtre Sorano (Vincennes) in 2011.
2012 – Eska, “Blaise Cendrars”: performance of some ” Sequences ” from the album Varia.
2013 – Bernard Lavilliers, « Prose of the Transsiberian and Little Jehanne de France »: performance on the album Baron Samedi
2016 – Robin Girod, “Blaise Cendrars”: instrumental composition on the album « 100 lullabies ».
2019 – Tangora Trio, « Cendrars fugues and inventions ». A literary concert: adapted by Jeanne Gollut, Raphaël Ansermot and Thierry Raboud, with actor Christophe Monney. The show will be repeated in French-speaking Switzerland in 2021.
2020 – Alexandre Kinn, ” To leave “: song on the album « If the wind rises ».
2020 – JoeyStarr, “The bad Judge”: reading for the series “Rappers settle their tale”, presented by Radio Nova.
2020 – Patti Smith and Jesse Paris, “At the Heart of the World (Blaise Cendrars) poem recital” : musical reading on line.


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